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Product Information

Do MAJESTIC concert snare drums come with a case?
All PROPHONIC Series 14x6.5 and 14x5 concert snare drums come with a Pro Tour case.

Do MAJESTIC mallet instruments come with mallets?
All MAJESTIC mallet instruments include mallets and dust cover - except for concet bells, which come with a hard case.

How can I get a copy of assembly instruction for mallet instruments?
A copy of printed assembly instructions is included in every mallet instrument - except for concert bells, which does not requires assembly.

Click here to download assembly instructions for MAJESTIC mallet instruments.

How can I get a copy of the owner's manual for Prophonic concert snare drums?
A copy of the Prophonic Snare Drum Owner’s manual is included with each Prophonic Snare Drum.

OR Click here to download the owner's manual for the MAJESTIC Prophonic concert snare drums.

What accessories are included with my new MAJESTIC Timpani?
All MAJESTIC Symphonic & Harmonic series Timpani include dust cover, tuning key, and damper. 26" Timpani also includes mallet holders and 2 pairs of mallets.

All MAJESTIC Grand Classic, Symphonic Grand, Prophonic, and Concert series Timpani include tuning key and damper. 26" & 32" Timpani also includes mallets.

Can I buy Timpani in German set-up?
Yes. Please contact your local MAJESTIC dealer for more information.

Where To Buy

Can I buy directly from MAJESTIC?
You can only purchase MAJESTIC instruments through an Authorized MAJESTIC dealer.
How can I find a dealer near me?
Click here to locate an authorized MAJESTIC dealer or distributor in your region.

Warranty Information

I had a part break, what do I do?
You can contact us between 8AM-6PM CST.

Phone: (800) 446-6010
E-mail: Service.USA@khsmusic.com

Artist Sponsorships

Who is on your artist roster?
For a complete list of MAJESTIC artists, click here.

Who should I talk to about an artist endorsement?
Please click here to contact us.


Do you have any job openings at Majestic?
For employment opportunities with KHS America click here.
How can I contact Majestic Percussion directly?
There are several ways to contact Majestic Percussion.
For Warranty Claims or questions we encourage you to communicate with your local Majestic Percussion Dealer or Email Majestic directly at: Service.USA@khsmusic.com
If you are interested in elevating your business to an Authorized Majestic Dealer or need assistance for sales related inquires please Email: Majestic.USA@khsmusic.com
KHS America is the proud distributor of Majestic Percussion in the USA.
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