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The evolution of performance and repertoire demands instruments that mirror the times and allow the personality of the musician to shine through. After years of years of thoughtful research and input from top artists the culmination is the revolutionary design of The Reflection Series Marimba. Join the likes of She-E Wu and Thomas Burritt and bring this beautiful instrument into your homes. This product is available in 4.3 Octave with White Resonators (M843HW), 4.3 Octave with Black Resonators (M843HB), 5.0 Octave with White Resonators (M850HW), or 5.0 Octave with Black Resonators (M850HB).

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The Majestic Reflection Marimba



Bar Post

 Integrated Bar Geometry with Free-Floating Bar Posts eliminate frame noise and absorb shock to improve feel and enhance rebound while playing. 



 An innovative resonator design allows for quick and easy tuning adjustments over a three octave range.

Modular Frame

     A central truss system supports individual resonator section and bar racks while the modular frame design allows for easy passage through any 30" doorway.      

What Do Our Artists Have To Say About The Reflection Series Marimbas?

An Interview with She-E Wu

An Interview With Thomas Burritt

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