For a percussionist and composer as energetic, inquisitive and versatile as Glenn Kotche, it’s his sense of balance - his ability to thrive in different and seemingly disparate worlds—that really makes him stand out as a musician. “It’s a constant struggle,” he says, “but for me as a person and a musician, I’ve always needed that balance. I’ve been in rock bands since I was a kid and I’ve been playing in orchestra and concert band settings since then too. I’ve always had both sides, and they somehow balance each other. With Majestic instruments, Glenn has found what he’s been listening for.

“I’ve been waiting for instruments like these for a very long time. Majestic has captured a sophisticated sound and produced smart features that I can seamlessly integrate into my eclectic setup.  Whether I am composing, recording or playing live, these instruments allow me to fully express my musical ideas.”

      ----Glenn Kotche, Wilco, Percussion Soloist, Composer