Symphonic Grand Series Timpani Specifications


• Block style pedal system
• Cambered copper kettles, precision hammered
• Cast aluminum suspension frames with 3 wheels
• Tuning gauge, hand and foot fine tuners
• Up to 1 1/4 octave range
• Remo Renaissance heads
• All timpani include tuning key

Deep Cambered Models

Copper Polished with finetuner
Size Model No.
20", 23", 26", 29", 32"
23", 26", 29", 32" GR04a
26", 29" GR02a
Copper Hammered with fine tuner
Size Model No.
20", 23", 26", 29", 32" GRk05a
23", 26", 29", 32" GRk04a
26", 29" GRk02a

Copper Polished without finetuner
Size Model No.
23" GR2300A
26" GR2600A
29" GR2900A
32" GR3200A
Copper Hammered without fine tuner
Size Model No.
20" GRK2000A
23" GRK2300A
26" GRK2600A
29" GRK2900A
32" GRK3200A

Available Options

Option Size Model No.
Original Super Kalfo timpani head for Symphonic Grand series tucked in traditional German style on steel hoop
(includes extra head tension regulator)
(delivered instead of Renaissance heads)
20" MKV2000
23" MKV2300
26" MKV2600
29" MKV2900
32" MKV3200
Cover for Symphonic Grand series (please specify size after model number) MPH
Felt covered protection disk (please specify size after model number) MPD
Extra stand for 6 pairs of timpani mallets MSH02
Carrying/kettle protection ring mounted MDR01
Deluxe flight case for Symphonic Grand (please specify size after model number) MSFC
Timpani stool (standing support) PS232
Timpani chair PS106
Timpani chair deluxe PSMA2302
Please add "G" to the model number for German style (largest timpani on right side of timpani player) or add "A" for American style (largest timpani on left side of timpani player).

Specifications subject to change without notice.